Monday, 21 December 2009

Istanbul 2

Had a great time in Istanbul, thanks to everyone involved at undomondo for sorting out the trip. Had great fun hanging out with some great DJs/bloggers/promoters, including the great Turk/funk/psych DJ Baris K. Check out his Beats In Space mix here and watch out for his edits coming on vinyl.... I was also introduced to this guy on the link here - check him out! Apparently he things nothing of playing all night, at an intensity level shown in the video. I mean, look at that AK47 guitar! Apparently if we all shout loud enough he'll come and play in England, so is anyone up for it?? Let's start a campaign... (PS I can't embed this on the blog as Youtube is banned in Turkey and the link has been disabled. Either it's that or I'm a dumbass who can't work his computer properly...)

Monday, 14 December 2009

Istanbul This Weekend...

I'm playing in Istanbul this Friday and Saturday. Any suggestions of good record shops/restaurants/places to visit would be greatly welcomed! Details of the gigs here.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Psychedelic Videos 3

Here's another psych video for you - a trailer for 1968 film The Touchables, with soundtrack by 'Rainbow Chaser' phaze and strings legends Nirvana. Quite hard to get hold of, and the plot is 'thinner than a paper towel' according to a review on Imdb, but great plastic space bubble nonetheless.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Come Join Me on New Year's Eve!

It's a full moon on Thursday 31st Dec 2009, and Fantasy Island will be presenting 100% Balearic Beats at the amazing Camino restaurant, bar and courtyard in King's Cross to celebrate. I'll be playing alongside Cosmo, resident at NY's Loft and Body and Soul parties, one of favorite DJ's out there, and Latin Dub Soundsystem, a killer 12 piece latin outfit with brass section, flamenco and all sorts. Check them out here

It's £25 to get in, or £60 with full tasting menu in the restaurant. It runs from 8pm - 4am. Tickets will sell out, so get them quick! Get tickets here.