Monday, 21 December 2009

Istanbul 2

Had a great time in Istanbul, thanks to everyone involved at undomondo for sorting out the trip. Had great fun hanging out with some great DJs/bloggers/promoters, including the great Turk/funk/psych DJ Baris K. Check out his Beats In Space mix here and watch out for his edits coming on vinyl.... I was also introduced to this guy on the link here - check him out! Apparently he things nothing of playing all night, at an intensity level shown in the video. I mean, look at that AK47 guitar! Apparently if we all shout loud enough he'll come and play in England, so is anyone up for it?? Let's start a campaign... (PS I can't embed this on the blog as Youtube is banned in Turkey and the link has been disabled. Either it's that or I'm a dumbass who can't work his computer properly...)

1 comment:

  1. hey man, embed is disabled because the video owner wanted it that way for some reason. there are some other videos of derdiyoklar up for embed as well. that doesn't change the fact that youtube is banned here though hehe. cheers.