Saturday, 23 January 2010

I Want A Soundsystem Like This...


  1. when i was a youth, maybe 14 or 15, i used to attend various functions put on by my local reggae soundsystem in youth clubs and various houses... 'blues' parties i think they called it, the local sound fashioned their speaker units out of wardrobes bought in local jumble sales, that were then attacked with a jig saw to create big round holes to put the speakers in. these made sonorous, booming bass vibrations, a sound i have referred to evermore as 'wardrobe'. I mentioned to Erol the other day, with deep joy, that a sound we had on the forthcoming BTWS album was 'totally wardrobe', which left him perplexed. This is the reason. And the sound in this picture is the bling version of wardrobe.

  2. *that* are clouds of joy, mr norris