Wednesday, 5 May 2010

This Week I Have Mostly Been Listening To...

Iggy and Suicide live in Hammersmith

Deerhunter in session on 6 Music – staggering. Go see ‘em on tour if you are in the UK or other parts of Europe this month.

Brainticket ‘Black Sand’

Cayleb People

Weird audio letters on WFMU

My mix of Bryan Ferry ‘Alphaville’

Leo Zero’s mix of Bryan Ferry ‘Alphaville’

Systems music

Wire – ‘Map Reference’

‘Psych Bites – Australian Acid Freakrock 1967 – 1974’ CD

One sided coloured vinyl 12” of MGMT ‘Siberian Breaks’

Ithaca ‘A Game for All Who Know’ CD reissue of stupidly rare album

John Adams, after hearing it’s fine useage in the Tilda Swinton film ‘I Am Love’

Washed Out

Brian Eno ‘Here He Comes’

The new mix of the Grid’s ‘Floatation’ (New State)

Caribou ‘Swim’

Free Enery ‘Stuck On Nothing’


These New Puritans

Starlings ‘Club Scene’

Rob Thievery Corporation’s new psychedelic project Psychic Sherpa

Saddar Bazaar ‘Garden Of Essence’

Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve ‘Door To Tomorrow’


  1. interesting list ! Especially this Thievery side-project, but honestly i found nothing on google. where to listen or order it ?



  2. I think it's still in very early stages, I may be doing a mix for it though...

  3. haha, okay, for sure, mr norris is even deeper in business ;)

    but great news anyway !