Friday, 4 June 2010

New Mix for FACT

I've done a new mix for FACT magazine, which you can download here.... 'twenty of the strangest cuts you'll find on a mix all year', according to FACT. 

1. The Loaded Angels – Aquarius Rising (from ‘Jack The Tab’)
2. Alan Hawkshaw – Rumplestiltskin
3. Warm Sounds – Nite Is A Coming
4. Jaqueline Tiaeb – 7 Heures
5. Jabberwocky – Alice OST
6. George Romanos – Two Little Hours
7. River Theme (T+SM Edit)
8. All Along The Watchtower – Savage Grace
9. Prelude – The Millenium
10. Zoltan The Mynd Reader
11. Fine Jung Thing – The Electric Flag
12. The Oud and the Fuzz – John Berberian
13. Love Like A Man – Helmuth Brandenburg
14. Hard Time – A Time and Space vs Cherrystones edit
15. The March Of The Chessmen – AliceOST
16. Tarot Theme – Andrew Bown
17. Buffalo Roam (T+SM Edit)
18. June – Nirvana
19. Bonus
20. Bernard Fevre – New From Tomorrow (T+SM Mix)


  1. thanks a lot mister norris ^^

    btw: new recommendations from me:

    chief nowhere, maxwells, new cd from The Radio Dept., Laughing windows, Voice Of The Seven Thunders


  2. 失去金錢的人,失去很多;失去朋友的人,失去更多;失去信心的人,失去所有。............................................................

  3. any chance of a link for the FACT mix, I missed it, and it's not on the FACT site anymore....thanks